Why choose a professional?

Gary Lowe MC Services is meticulous in every aspect of your wedding.   Years of training and experience has equipped us with the expertise in how to make your wedding perfect. 

Funny friends are for speeches, not MC's

You have the friend that is "a great public speaker" or is "the funniest guy/girl ever", this does NOT equate to being a great MC.  15-20% of what the MC does is on the microphone, the rest is planning, liaising with vendors and ensuring the smooth running of the event.  It's hard work!  Don't burden your friend with a complex job they are unqualified for and making them work like an employee.  Choose an expert, choose professional, choose Gary Lowe MC Services.

The professional VS the amateur

A professional Master of Ceremonies

•  Starts planning weeks out from your event and meets with the bride and groom.  Knows what to ask and what is involved.  Is an expert in ensuring your wedding is unique to you, and can provide guidance and workshop ideas.

•  Arrives 1hr prior to the reception starting.  Prepared, settled and commences doing checks.

• A MC 100% focused on your wedding.

• Has a meal in around 2 mins out in the kitchen.

• Is expertly trained to deal with any situation.

•  Knows how to work collaboratively with your other vendors.  Will communicate effectively with the photographer, photo booth operator, chef, venue manager, videographer, band/DJ and all other stakeholders to create a harmonious team partnering in unison.

The amateur friend

•  Wedding creeps up on them, they are unprepared.  Unsure what to do, they resort to Google and utilising scripting used for the past 1.2 billion weddings.

• Must leave early from your ceremony, missing out on possible photos, is unable to mingle with your family and other guests.

•  Spreads focus across drinking, dancing, partying, socialising, using photo booth, eating 3 meals and being MC.

• Will relax with guests, enjoy entree's, mains and desert sitting down for around 45mins to 1hr.

• Is unfamiliar with the role, as complex problems arise may resort to inappropriate and cringe worthy 'material'.

• Doesn't understand the importance of working with other vendors.